Whether you’re an athlete, fitness enthusiast, or simply someone who values the importance of self-care, at Après Sport we believe in harnessing the power of botanicals to enhance your post-sport recovery. Our two hero products are carefully curated using CBD derived from oranges, offering a groundbreaking approach to holistic bodycare and muscle restoration. We aim to enhance your overall wellbeing by providing effective products for natural relief.

Our product duo was created to work harmoniously in rejuvenating your skin, reducing inflammation, and accelerating muscle recovery after being active. We understand how vital it is to take care of your body, not only after intense exertion, but to keep you going through life’s inevitable aches and pains. Our potent formulations are here to support your lifestyle and provide you with essential R&R. 

With a focus on natural ingredients and sustainable practices —— like using citrus peels that would otherwise go to waste. Après Sport is also committed to delivering exceptional quality and efficacy. We source our citrus CBD exclusively from ingredients of the highest standard, ensuring a pure and innovative approach to therapeutic bodycare.

Join us in embracing the healing power of ancient botanicals along with our proprietary elixir crafted using cutting—edge science, to discover a new level of restoration and recovery.

——— the Après Sport Team

Unmatched Purity Standards

Today the market is saturated with misleading hemp—based CBD products that go unchecked and unregulated, making purchasing decisions extremely difficult. We chose our Propriety CBD Elixir as our cornerstone ingredient because we know it’s of the highest quality, making it the safest and most dependable cannabinol on the market.

“Our patented blend of citrus derived CBD has been awarded by Clean Label Project, a national non-profit consumer advocacy organization with the mission to bring truth and transparency to food and consumer product labeling. We have attained the Pesticide Free Certification, Purity Awarded THC Free Award. There are only a few CBD brands that have passed these tests, and it’s now the only CBD ingredient with these certifications.