We use a proprietary process that turns orange terpenes into bioidentical cannabinoids. Through the development of true cannabinoids identical to those found in nature, we have reached a level of purity and consistency not achievable with plant extracts. 

Our goal is to bring the promise of these natural compounds to the market without the many downfalls and limitations of processing conventional hemp based cannabidiol. By utilizing other plant materials as building blocks, our cannabinoids are true to mother nature’s design.

Unlike synthetic cannabinoids, which are analogs of naturally-occurring molecules and can have unpredictable and sometimes dangerous effects, our citrus-derived cannabinoids are molecularly identical to those naturally occurring in plants and therefore act in the body in the exact same way. 


By using orange peels, the byproduct of the citrus industry, we make use of a resource that is often discarded, leaving a positive environmental impact. Not only is this production on the right side of sustainability but using a naturally occurring organic compound shows significant advantages vs. the invarability and unknown of hemp-based CBD. 

Conventional hemp-based CBD products are often tainted with toxic industrial solvents and pesticides, heavy metals, and mycotoxins, which cannot be entirely removed. Hemp derived CBD also requires resource-intensive crops using copious acres of land and millions of gallons of water to produce. 

“The findings of a new study show that nearly 60% of CBD products marketed in the United States don't match the percentage of CBD advertised on products' labeling” according to Forbes. Furthermore, “researchers have detected the presence of lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, phthalates, and other heavy metal concentrations.” 


We extract our CBD using a cutting-edge method called Cyclic Terpene Assembly (CTA)

To create this innovative technology, we harness the aromatic compounds, known as terpenes, found in citrus peels. Our chemists then determine a mix of catalysts, temperatures, and cooling rates, resulting in bioidentical cannabinoids with unparalleled purity and absorption. 

By combining organic molecules without sullying them or destroying their essence, we gain the same effects and benefits of hemp-based CBD without the impurities or risks associated with conventional harvesting. 


Our goal is to make the benefits of cannabinoids more accessible to consumers. Through our proprietary process we circumvent the high scrutiny surrounding CBD products. There are many spaces where CBD remains largely excluded, most prevalent in professional or sports industries where individuals periodically undergo drug testing requirements. Up until this point, CBD has been widely inaccessible to those who would benefit from it most. Après Sport changes that. 

Even individuals performing safety-sensitive functions in transportation industries who abide by DOT regulations must be cleared of various substances including THC, the chemical compound in cannabis. But this is not so straightforward.

Though many CBD products claim to have little to no THC, mislabeling is a consistent issue in the industry because the FDA doesn’t require a certification to make such claims. For example, a 2020 FDA Study showed nearly half of CBD products tested contained THC and when a product contains > 0.3% it can trigger a positive test result. 

Dr. Yasmin Hurd, Director of the Addiction Institute of Mount Sinai, conducts ongoing clinical trials studying the neurobiological effects of CBD and notes that the mislabeling and contamination (with heavy metals and insecticides) are among the most common variables when it comes to conventional cannabis on the market. Therefore, our citrus-derived CBD provides the universal solution.

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